Péniche détourée 2


Why choose autonomy


Energy costs are exploding and accessible investment, it is possible to reduce 100% its bills. Reclaimed water, free energy, a beautiful greenhouse culture, no subscription, no rent: living on a houseboat Noé costs almost nothing.



Food and energy independence are two basic ways for a lifestyle protecting the environment. Living without destruction is possible. Renewable, light, clean, healthy, sustainable, without intermediaries, etc.


In terms of tranquility

No power cuts, vegetables better than bio since grown at home. Between the safest food, that of his own garden, and the most consistent and most inexhaustible energy of the sun, Noé offered autonomy guaranteeing security and free of worries.


The health plan

Growing under glass or on what bridge eat every day, employing production methods, it is the certainty of eating unprocessed foods, picked at the point, rich and tasty. Pleasure and health are now allowed if we ourselves grow and Noé presents numerous advantages in this area.


In terms of happiness

Move slowly on the water, in the shade of trees along the banks, and across all regions of Europe staying home all the time in his life cocoon. The peaceful rhythm of navigation, stop where you want, discover people, villages, cities, countries … This is more than autonomy, is happiness !



The means of self-sufficiency


The cumulative area of all roofs brings great capacity for recovery of rainwater, which is then stored in the hold. This allows to meet the drinking water needs of a family and watering crops. The house has an adequate filtration system or a reverse osmosis unit. Thus health and organic water quality aboard Noé it is much greater than that of tap water.



The greenhouse deck allows, if effectively cultivated, to meet the needs of the occupants. The principle of the culture containers (type “wicking beds”) is very comfortable to use and is ideal: it saves water and reduces weight by height through the filling of various layers in pans. The trays allow garden without having to bend down.



The wooden house, whose qualities have been detailed above, meets the standard of passive houses with almost zero heating needs. However, in order to simplify and precaution, in order to consolidate power sources, electric heater booster is planned. There is very little energy (heated mirrors radiating infrared long). We can supply an electrical installation (batteries, inverter) with different modes of production: photovoltaic panels, small wind, small generator for adverse days.