Péniche détourée 2


Why choose mobility


More and more frequently, the world of work requires to perform several jobs in his life and therefore to move. Sometimes, those who keep the same profession throughout their careers are made to move. As for persons ceasing to work, then they often aspire to change the living environment to allow family reunification, to find a warmer climate, or for many other reasons.



Our concept of barge / accommodation can enjoy a wooden habitat ecological quality, high performance and comfortable, all mobile. The overall price (accommodation + location) remains well below that of real estate in most major European cities.



the vagaries of climate are manifested more strongly, notably through floods whose frequency is increasing sharply. The rising waters began … Whatever the level of the water, a floating accommodation allows not to be worried. So a reasonable solution in many areas such as Northern France, Benelux, all seashores, rivers, etc.


In terms of the safety of persons and property

News reinforces the idea of this great concern. Then, if necessary, move a barge is much easier than selling a good (or abandon) to find accommodation elsewhere. With Noé we move when we want, and even remaining at home !


For the family

to protect his family impacts of our modern world is the responsibility of each and only a single solution, autonomous mobile and can answer all needs and be implemented immediately.


On a personal level

Travel, travel … quietly, away from the bustle, from Amsterdam to Istanbul and Brest in Moscow … by taking away its shell with you on countless waterways, to the rhythm of the water and seasons , comfortably and without spending a penny or almost !



Based on these observations, our main objective was to think a MOBILE AND AUTONOMOUS HABITAT on energy (photovoltaic), water (drinking and waste), production of vegetables and fruits (under glass) and boarding vehicles. It allows to “move” full and independent living minimizing stress, and maintain a safe and familiar environment in any new location.