NOÉ® an ark of your own

24 meters: mobile autonomous floating dwelling for sailing at sea and river

Why live on a boat
or in a floating home?

So that you can move your home around
Want to move house ? Forget the problems of selling one house and buying another, the stress of moving and of yet more time-consuming formalities : just take your home, your car and its comforts with you! That way you are sure to find yourself in constantly operational, familiar and reassuring surroundings wherever you go!
So you never have to compromise between your house and your mobility
Combining the advantages of a versatile boat and a house, you can be sure to find a configuration to suit your every need. Why choose ? Go for the all-round solution ! You can of course take along your choice of transport for those short daily commutes.
So you can reduce your environmental impact
The home and transport are the principal energy costs of a household. You can become energy independent for both by producing all the energy you need at home. It starts with a modest and straightforward design which uses natural materials. Remember, the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use ! The life cycle of each kilowatt is taken into account in each of the elements that makes up Noé ®.
So you can produce what you need to feed yourself
The greenhouse produces some of the food for its occupants: designed by an experienced permaculture specialist and accompanied by a detailed guide which explains how to obtain the maximum yield.
To make an excellent financial investment
If the economic outlook is gloomy, just change region, country or even continent! Not only can your estate follow you, it can be of daily use! What other kind of investment could do as much?
For financial stability
Minimal maintenance, virtually no energy costs and a worthwhile use of your savings – Noé ® really is a safe port of call.
To save time
And to use it as you see fit! Its design means you will be free of the time-consuming administrative tasks involved in accessing standard energy supplies or maintaining a traditional house or boat.
To adapt in the best possible way to climate change
What better solution than to rise along with the waters? The shape of the greenhouse and of the living accommodation is inspired by "biomimetics" for the best performance in case of bad weather. And of course, being mobile means that you can "choose your climate".