NOÉ® in practice

Evolution of the initial concept

This prototype has kept all the aspects of the original design.
However, the versatility and personalisation have been developed to a greater extent.

The hull

Made of Strongall*, thick aluminium covered with zinc (galvanisation). This enables the complex superstructure to be replaced by a thicker skin which provides part of the mechanical strength of the structure.

This process has been patented by our partner Méta (ship-yard) and has several advantages:
- sturdiness of the hull in the event of an impact
- environmental: even if aluminium extraction causes more pollution than steel, the effect is moderated when the entire life span of the boat is taken into account. Once covered with zinc, it will not be subject to any further electrolysis in the water and will therefore require no other chemical surface treatment, either on the inside or on the outside of the hull. This avoids the use of polluting paint which gradually dissolves in the water. In addition, it is recyclable. So in these conditions, the environmental footprint is smaller than that of steel or of composite materials.
- more economical: the additional material cost is compensated for by the simplicity of the framework and low maintenance (no need to put the boat into dry dock, check the hull and regularly renew the surface coating).
- a quieter life for you: instead of having to deal with tiresome boat maintenance, you can enjoy the extra time you’ve gained.

The deck

The "overhanging" deck conceals the technical part of the boat and is the base on which the separate living area in wood is constructed. The dimensions of the latter can be modified according to need.
The rear part of the deck bears the wheelhouse and covers a garage area for a small city car. The rear panel can fold down (as an option) and be used as a turning area for the car when loading or unloading it on the quayside (by ramp or by crane). The hull is fitted as standard with a single central rudder to limit vibration and there are no bow thrusters (except as an option).
This hull and deck assembly is the base on which your own customized configuration can be installed. This is what gives Noé ® its soul : for some it will be more of a boat, for others, more of a living space, and for yet others, a tool for semi-autonomous living. Each to their own.

Panoramic views

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The bedroom

The dining room

The deck


To achieve this, the design has been divided into 7 main sections, each of which can be configured according to your needs and wishes:
The wheelhouse
Covered or open, retractable or not, potentially covered with photovoltaic panels, with or without insulation… These are just some of the options available according to the type of use envisaged. For example, river navigators will doubtless choose a retractable wheelhouse to make it easier to pass under bridges.
Rear hold
This space under the wheelhouse can serve as either a garage for a small car (with charging from the solar power unit in addition to its hydrogen battery), or as a storage room for personal effects, or as a bicycle shed (also with charging capability, if there are electric bikes), etc.
Living area
Several types of living area are possible, from the classic boat-type accommodation to high thermal performance houses (such as those found on dry land) which allow the boat to be energy autonomous.
These spaces communicate directly with the glazed front and rear parts of the living area and provide an outdoor living space whenever the weather allows. The deck floor covering can once again be chosen according to taste.
Carefully sized to utilise every square inch of available space it can be used to grow fruit, vegetables and other aromatic or medicinal plants on board. Yields are maximised due to the expertise of our permaculture partner. According to your requirements, he can provide a detailed manual with instructions on planting and getting the most from your greenhouse, or even supply a ready to grow kitchen garden where all you have to do is wait for the first harvest. The greenhouse can be opened wide to allow easy gardening access and to give the plants exposure to the elements, something which is important when growing food in this way.
The engine area is designed for all types of propulsion and can therefore meet the most diverse requirements. From the classic thermal engine (2x135 CV) to electric propulsion, or even a hybrid engine, anything is possible. The hull is highly economical at low speeds (10/15 km/h with a diesel consumption of 1/2 litre per km. The boat can reach around 20km/h with its 4 x 23 inch propeller blades.
Under-deck storage
A vast area meaning you can take your belongings everywhere. Tools, luggage, food items, chandlery… There is space for everything so you can keep the deck clear.
It is important to remember that each of these different sections allows for a wide choice of options so that you can have a boat/living space that suits you : no greenhouse but a bigger living space, or a minimal ‘survivalist’ living space with a bigger greenhouse, or a large work space for living and working on board.
All these combinations are possible, and without being connected to mains gas or electricity.

Technical information






3.2m to 4.0m (varies according to the model of wheelhouse).


50 tons (in full working order).

Our choices, to give you even more options

By deciding to ‘break down’ our concept, we are enabling you to create a logical link between ecology and cost through each of your choices. Safe and effective materials can be inexpensive if properly installed and used.
So for each section, we are seeking to offer environmentally friendly materials and/or the least energy-hungry technical option, for optimal performance at the best price.
The overall cost is therefore very competitive compared with that of a classically designed boat, and could even be less expensive. As described above : a more environmentally friendly hull over the lifetime of the boat and more economic because no maintenance is needed, the possibility of an all-electric engine (powered by solar batteries or charged by generator), an autonomous living area with a photovoltaic unit on the roof, a greenhouse managed according to the principles of permaculture, a custom-made garage space for an electric vehicle with off-mains charging, etc.

But whatever your choices and whatever your reasons, be they for cost, for personal conviction, or for other factors, Noé ® can adapt to your requirements, and thanks to its original design, at a price that won’t break the bank.