In use


Péniche détourée 2



Using the bridge for the purpose of habitation and food production optimizes the surface of the boat. Is thus recovered all the bilge volume for spaces that do not need to be heated (or very little): Water storage (clear, gray), laundry room, workshop, garage vehicles, engine room, storage food, safe, room for survival, etc.



usually, intervention on the hulls of steel ships is expensive because you have to drop within any insulation and upholstery to weld in and out. With our concept, we can intervene directly in the shell, without disassembly. Similarly, in case of intervention on the wooden part, everything is removable without touching the hull; it can be docked without having to visit a shipyard. A yourselfer can provide only maintenance, installed in his studio in the hold, always in a logical thrust autonomy



the house is at the top, which reduces the risk of a leak in this part of the boat, unlike a boat fitted out conventionally. The more far-sighted can even install a survival cell in the hold.