The house

The Noé ® (Noah) floating arch house is manufactured (in its autonomous version) according to the characteristics of an Écoquille *: a single dwelling, with its shell wall sandwich in a timber frame of a very special kind: arches resembling marine carpentry. You can find the link to the Ecoquille website on the "Partners"page, with all the details of its environmentally friendly and forward thinking design.

Here are some features

- Ecological and healthy : because of the material: solid local untreated wood, hemp fiber and cork; but also because it uses a smaller amount than for a rectangular house (less material is both more environmentally friendly and more economical).
- Breathable : the house is impermeable to water and air but lets out water vapor thanks to the natural properties of wood and the effects of active ventilation. It breathes and has no toxicity. The condensation of water vapor on the walls is entirely avoided.
- Easy to build: without a lifting machine, the small parts in its design mean it can be assembled by any good handyman.
- Economic: for the reasons mentioned above: less material, possibility of self-assembly with light tools. But especially in use: low maintenance and operating costs (heating, electricity, maintenance of equipment) kept to a minimum. The simpler it is the less it costs for maintenance, avoiding repair costs, and regardless of the country in which the vessel is located.
- Thermal insulation: its "turtle shell" shape limits heat exchange with the exterior; its ultra insulating wall (R> 8) with floor-walls-roof continuity removes all thermal bridges. The guarantee of energy savings and comfort is so significant that this type of construction is heated simply by living in it or with just a minimal addition of power, which can be self-produced. It exceeds PassivHaus standards. This is probably the only house for which a minimal calorific top-up for the bathroom and severe Nordic cold can be supplied by photovoltaic panels: a simple, independent solution, without expense and with no ecological footprint.
- Rounded roof: it is not only pretty, but the rounded shape of the house improves the internal heating convection, makes it more comfortable due to the reinforced insulation and sound quality, reduces wind resistance and thermal losses due to bad weather, as well as promoting rainwater collection in keeping with the idea of self-sufficiency.