When manufactured


Péniche détourée 2


The manufacturer of the wooden house manufactures it in its workshops and just fixes it onto the hull, no foundations required. This construction phase can begin simultaneously with the manufacture of the steel hull, which reduces construction time (customer expectations) and therefore costs.

Manufacturing quality

Each partner makes his part in his own workshops without having to work around other people, reducing the waiting time on site and the risk of error during construction. Everyone does what he knows how to do, and in optimal conditions, for a high quality result.

Insulation of the house

It is both highly efficient in wood-frame homes and very easy to install so therefore more economical. In our case, it is more environmentally friendly as our partner advocates healthy and renewable insulation: plant-based wool (hemp) and cork. The classical technique for boat insulation was to spray oil derivatives onto the inside of the hull. In addition to being a pollutant, this had other drawbacks: loss of living space, condensation, difficulties for the maintenance of the hull, expensive to install.

A la carte

The house, the hull and the greenhouse are made of arches. Their curvature and their number are infinitely adjustable to individual needs: one person, a large family, or a tourist boat welcoming travelers. Any combination is possible.