Energy costs are exploding and for an affordable investment, it is possible to reduce 100% bills by 100%. Reclaimed water, free energy, a beautiful greenhouse, no subscription, no rent: living on a Noé ® houseboat costs almost nothing.


Food and energy independence are two basics for a lifestyle protecting the environment. Living without destruction is possible. Renewable, light, clean, healthy, sustainable, without intermediaries, etc.

In terms of tranquillity

No power cuts, vegetables better than organic since grown at home. With the safest food, that of your own garden, and the most consistent and most inexhaustible energy - that of the sun, Noé ® offers solutions which are safe and worry-free.


Growing food in a greenhouse, using productive methods, you are certain of eating untreated foods, picked when just ready, rich and tasty. Pleasure and health are now only allowed if we grow our own food and Noé ® presents numerous advantages in this area.

In terms of happiness

Move slowly on the water, in the shade of trees along the banks, and across all the regions of Europe staying home all the time in your life cocoon. The peaceful rhythm of navigation, stop where you want, discover people, villages, cities, countries ... This is more than autonomy, it is happiness!



Water capture and the different levels of filtration all the way up to reverse osmosis mean that there is suitable water available for all uses, including drinking water for the family and crop watering. Hence the sanitary and organic water quality aboard Noé ® is much better than normal mains water.


The deck greenhouse allows, if efficiently cultivated, the needs of the occupants to be met (either in part or completely, according to their number and the size of the greenhouse).


The wooden house, whose qualities have been detailed above, meets the standard of passive houses with almost zero heating needs. However, for simplicity and as a precaution, the aim being to consolidate power sources, an electric booster heater is planned. This uses very little energy (longwave infrared radiant heated mirrors). We can feed an electrical installation (batteries, inverter) from different sources of production: photovoltaic panels, a small wind generator, and a small generator for bad weather days.




More and more frequently, the world of work requires people to perform several jobs in their life and therefore to move. Sometimes, those who keep the same profession throughout their careers are made to move. As for people stopping work, they often aspire to move house to be closer to family, to find a warmer climate, or for many other reasons. And for those who can work anywhere in the world thanks to the internet, this way of life will bring them unparalleled security and freedom.


Our concept of barge / accommodation means you can enjoy a quality, comfortable, high-performance and environmentally friendly wooden home with full mobility. The overall price (accommodation + location) remains well below that of real estate in most major European cities.


The vagaries of climate are becoming more and more evident, notably through floods whose frequency is increasing sharply. The waters have started to rise ... Whatever the level of the water, floating accommodation means there is no concern. So this is a reasonable solution for many areas such as Northern France, Benelux, all coastlines, rivers, etc.

In terms of the security of persons and property

The daily news confirms that we are right to be concerned. So, if necessary, moving a barge is much easier than selling (or abandoning) a property to find accommodation elsewhere. With Noé ® we can move when we want, and still stay at home!


Protecting the family from the impacts of our modern world is the responsibility of each person and only an individualized, self-sufficient and mobile solution can fulfil all the needs and be implemented immediately.

On a personal level

Travel, travel ... quietly, away from the bustle, from Amsterdam to Istanbul and Brest in Moscow ... by taking your shell with you on countless waterways, to the rhythm of the water and seasons, comfortably and almost without spending a penny!


Based on these observations, our main objective was to design a living space which is mobile and self-sufficient in energy (photovoltaic), water (drinking and waste), the production of vegetables and fruits (under glass) and keeping vehicles on board. It allows you to "move" your entire and independent household with a minimum of constraints, and maintain a safe and familiar environment in any new location.

When manufactured


The manufacturer of the wooden house manufactures it in its workshops and just fixes it onto the hull, no foundations required. This construction phase can begin simultaneously with the manufacture of the steel hull, which reduces construction time (customer expectations) and therefore costs.

Manufacturing quality

Each partner makes his part in his own workshops without having to work around other people, reducing the waiting time on site and the risk of error during construction. Everyone does what he knows how to do, and in optimal conditions, for a high quality result.

The insulation of the house

It is both highly efficient in wood-frame homes and very easy to install so therefore more economical. In our case, it is more environmentally friendly as our partner advocates healthy and renewable insulation: plant-based wool (hemp) and cork. The classical technique for boat insulation was to spray oil derivatives onto the inside of the hull. In addition to being a pollutant, this had other drawbacks: loss of living space, condensation, difficulties for the maintenance of the hull and expensive to install.

A la carte

The house, the hull and the greenhouse are made of arches. Their curvature and their number are infinitely adjustable to individual needs: a single person, a large family, or a tourist boat welcoming travelers. Any combination is possible.

In use


Using the deck for the purposes of habitation and food production optimizes the surface area of the boat. In this way all the hold volume is kept for spaces that do not need to be heated (or very little): utility room, workshop, vehicle garage, engine room, food and general storage, safe, etc.


Usually, intervention on the hulls of steel ships is expensive because you have to remove all fixtures, fittings and insulation from the interior in order to do any welding on the inside and on the outside. With our design, we can work directly on the hull, without disassembly. Similarly, in the case of intervention on the wooden part, everything is removable without touching the hull; the work can be done at the quayside without having to visit a shipyard. A good handyman can do the maintenance on his own, in his workshop in the hold, in keeping with the idea of maximum self-sufficiency.


The living quarters are above deck, which reduces the risk of water damage in this part of the boat, unlike a boat fitted out conventionally. The more far-sighted can even install a survival room in the hold.


For tourism

Noé ® can be adapted as required. First, it is a ship with a unique living space, greenhouse, and self-sufficiency systems that can be rented all year round. Its great flexibility means that you can keep the standard hull and simply modify the living area in order to make it suitable for tourist use. From the main family home to a holiday rental, to a river cruise, all wishes are feasible.

In addition, its low cost means you get a quicker return on your investment than with a standard boat.

From the outset, its size gives it a wide geographic range because it can sail on most of the French and European canals. In addition, its toughened hull means reduced maintenance costs compared to those normally incurred with inexperienced users.

For individuals

Rather than a catalogue of different models, we have chosen to start with a common base : the hull.

Then, as seen above, we have split the design up into different sections, each with its set of options. It is your individual requirements and budget which will define the options you select.