The engine

Like the other features, the engine has been designed to offer the greatest flexibility possible. You can choose from:
- two conventional combustion engines: 2 x 135Cv with a consumption of 0.5L/engine and per Km/h for a simple and restrained solution.
- hybrid propulsion : low-speed sailing using just electricity (as well as for manœuvres) and the possibility of switching over to conventional combustion for coastal navigation or strong river currents.
- pure electric propulsion : a more onerous solution, but one which allows you to do without fossil fuels entirely. If you are not constrained by time, this method of propulsion brings silence and a total absence of polluting exhaust emissions.

This configuration has the advantage of ultimately being able to do without fossil energy without having to make major structural changes. The engine and its energy source will be identical, only the source of the electricity and the storage method will evolve according to technical innovation.